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Dixon and the Kids In Need Foundation

If you laid 13 million pencils end to end, they would extend more than 1,436 miles worth of pencils.  How do I know this? That’s how many pencils Dixon Ticonderoga Company has donated in the past five years. I am on a quest to donate the number of pencils required to reach from coast to coast.

Over the course of the last five years, Dixon Ticonderoga Company has donated more than $4 million worth of product to Kids In Need Foundation Resource Centers across the country.

Last week, we sent another donation with one million Ticonderoga pencils to Kids In Need. The Kids In Need Foundation is dedicated to providing high quality school supplies to underfunded teachers and students in low income areas nationwide, and so am I. That’s 6 out of 10 Teachers across America!

Our annual Kids In Need Donations have become an important event at Dixon Ticonderoga Company. On September 25, 2013 Kids In Need celebrated 15 years of service since its start. As the CEO of some of the finest people I have ever worked with in my career, I was very humbled that they recognized Dixon as one of the Top 15 KINF supporters over that time period. As their chosen National Pencil Sponsor, I can tell you the honor was all mine to support the Kids In Need team across the USA. They are making such a difference, so our giving nature in Dixon really comes easy when it comes to KINF. Teachers Rock and so do you KINF!



Back-to-School with the Orlando Magic

Dixon Ticonderoga Company had a great time tipping off the new school year with the Orlando Magic at their Back-To-School bash. We, along with former Magic players Bo Outlaw and Nick Anderson, handed out more than 2,100 backpacks to children in need. All the backpacks were donated through our backpack program, and were jam packed with school supplies that will be much needed in the coming school year.

More than 200 elementary and middle school students participated in activities and games hosted by the Orlando Magic.

Click here to email us for more information about how to donate school supplies to children in need. Children, teachers and schools need supplies all year long, so don’t think that it’s too late.

Check out these awesome pictures from the fun event below!





Why I Decided to Start a Blog…

What is it like to take over the reins of Dixon Ticonderoga Company, one of the oldest and most historic companies in America? Knowing that your company began 218 years ago and now it is your turn to write the next chapter? It is a tremendous responsibility, yes, but one I welcome because of the difference we make in teachers’ and children’s lives.

After three years as Dixon’s CEO, I have realized something very important. My company is your company.  We are the instrument that helped to write American history—its business success, its literary genius. We are the instrument that helped to write American culture—the words and practices that give us comfort and purpose.  As a company, we can trace our roots back to the revolutionary war.  The founder of our Prang brand, Louis Prang, helped shape American Art Education. We are most likely the first pencil you first wrote with and, if you look in your child’s backpack today, there is a good chance one of our Art or Writing products will be there.

I believe I have a responsibility to you. Dixon Ticonderoga Company must continue to provide the highest quality products to all those who are getting ready to write or paint tomorrow’s history. Our role is to provide the tools that inspire you and the next generation to help you create the next idea to change the world.

This is my journey, passion, and mission. I invite you to join me on the adventure and come back often as I share my passion for giving and offer insight into the world of creativity. In the meantime, keep your pencil sharp.