Why I Decided to Start a Blog…

What is it like to take over the reins of Dixon Ticonderoga Company, one of the oldest and most historic companies in America? Knowing that your company began 218 years ago and now it is your turn to write the next chapter? It is a tremendous responsibility, yes, but one I welcome because of the difference we make in teachers’ and children’s lives.

After three years as Dixon’s CEO, I have realized something very important. My company is your company.  We are the instrument that helped to write American history—its business success, its literary genius. We are the instrument that helped to write American culture—the words and practices that give us comfort and purpose.  As a company, we can trace our roots back to the revolutionary war.  The founder of our Prang brand, Louis Prang, helped shape American Art Education. We are most likely the first pencil you first wrote with and, if you look in your child’s backpack today, there is a good chance one of our Art or Writing products will be there.

I believe I have a responsibility to you. Dixon Ticonderoga Company must continue to provide the highest quality products to all those who are getting ready to write or paint tomorrow’s history. Our role is to provide the tools that inspire you and the next generation to help you create the next idea to change the world.

This is my journey, passion, and mission. I invite you to join me on the adventure and come back often as I share my passion for giving and offer insight into the world of creativity. In the meantime, keep your pencil sharp.

7 thoughts on “Why I Decided to Start a Blog…

  1. Alison Whitney

    I teach gifted students at Vista Lakes Elementary School. We were intrigued by the article in the Orlando Sentinel and your claim that Dixon-Ticonderoga is “The World’s Best Pencil” so we decided to put you to the test. My 3rd and 4th grade students came up with criteria for judging pencils – how easily they sharpen, how long they hold their point, how easily they erase, how well the erasers stay in the pencil, how easily the pencils smudge – and compared Dixon-Ticonderoga yellow #2 pencils with the Staples generic yellow #2’s and a RetroPop fancy-schmancy pencils by Musgrave Pencil Co. I set them loose to test the pencils and every group came up with the same response – the Dixon Ticonderoga pencils really ARE the best! After comparing prices, they said that it was paying a little more to get a much better pencil. Thanks for the learning opportunity for my students!

  2. Jana Wanner

    I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Ticonderoga pencils for my 4th graders. A couple of years ago I was having trouble with the Orions and I inquired about them. The company was gracious and sent lots of ticondergoas to my class and me. We appreciated that so much. Which brings me to my question. I have gone through 3 expensive pencils sharpeners this year. I am getting very frustrated with it. My latest model is chewing up the Ticonderogas (which we affectionately call the “Cadillac Pencils”) and I know it is not the pencil. What pencil sharpener – heavy duty sharpener to do you recommend? I’v spent $150+ on sharpeners. I usually do the sharpening so it is not because of student abuse. I would appreciate any suggestions or from your customers. We really need good sharpeners for our favorite pencils. Thank you!
    Jana Wanner, 4th grade teacher
    Bluffton-Harrison Elementary School
    Bluffton, IN

    1. Tim Gomez

      That’s a great question, Jana, and one we get often. We typically suggest sticking with main brands as we find a lot of variability in the quality of sharpeners. We also suggest not letting “fashion pencils” be used in the sharpeners as it degrades the quality of the sharpener as well as its life. You will certainly want to stay tuned in the coming months as I have a major announcement that you will want to hear.

      1. Jana Wanner

        Thank you for your prompt reply. I will try one more brand. Now, you have piqued my curiosity! I will be anxiously awaiting your news.

        Thanks again!


  3. Hank Krebs

    Mr. Gomez, I am a member of the Elizabeth City Pasquatank School Board and I wanted to thank you for taking time from your busy schedule to visit Northeastern High School. Your humble testimony was heard by all and I am sure that you have left a lasting impression on our students and staff. Thank you and Dixon Ticonderoga for your generous donation. May God continue to bless you and your family at Dixon Ticonderoga.

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