Pencils in the Digital Age

As CEO of a 218-year-old company, I’ve become somewhat of a student of history – especially when it comes to pencils.  I’ve learned some fascinating facts about communication. Centuries ago, creative herders in England realized that graphite was useful for marking sheep. If you know pencils, you know that it’s graphite, not lead, that is the core of our pencils. By the 19th century, artists such as Vincent Van Gogh were using pencils to create now priceless pieces of art while Ulysses S. Grant sketched strategic battle plans with his. But what is the role of the pencil in the 21st century? Pencils have always been used to communicate information and artistic vision, and now we are joining the digital conversation.

Dixon Ticonderoga Company recently unveiled our new website. Many of you know of our world famous yellow #2 pencil, but did you know that Dixon Ticonderoga Company also has award winning arts & crafts lines consisting of the Prang, Lyra and Das brands? Did you also know that Dixon sells a whole line of industrial marking tools? That we are the #1 solution for customized writing and art supplies in the promotional products industry? Being accessible through the web and social media allows you to learn something new about our company and discover our culture. Yes, we are a 218-year-old company, but besides being historic, we are also innovative, philanthropic, and engaging! All of this information and more can be found by discovering us online.

The role of the pencil is ever changing, as is the role of art instruments. While they continue to be tools of inspiration, sketching, and creating, now the digital world allows you to share that information faster than you ever have before. See what we’re sharing today by checking us out on Twitter and Facebook, and stay tuned to our website. We’d love to have you join the conversation.

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