Reflections on my Past Five Years

This month marks my fifth year anniversary since taking the reins of Dixon. Last week, I took my employees and valued business partners on an inspirational journey – a voyage up the St. John’s River.  As we were inspired by the beauty of the river, we celebrated Dixon Ticonderoga Company.  I thanked them for their years of hard work, dedication and thinking outside the pencil box.  I acknowledged that over the past five years, I had to make some significant and sometimes painful changes to chart a new and profitable course for Dixon, but they supported me every mile of that journey.  The riverboat cruise, like our past five years, was steady, determined and inspirational.

Ours is a company based on family values.  The result of those values is evident in our high quality products, service levels, and respect in the marketplace.  We’ve grown from “that pencil company” to offer award-winning arts and writing instruments including the Prang, Lyra and Das brands.  Browse through our website and you’ll learn a great deal about the world famous No. 2 and the people who make us No. 1.

We’ve sharpened our online image so that customers can have more access to us and we can have more access to them.  We can now interact with our customers like never before.  More than 100 Mommy bloggers and others have discovered us.  We’ve doubled and tripled our Twitter and Facebook fans.  Our Prang Power Membership has increased by 2500% since its inception 18 months ago. We can now hear your opinions and thoughts on our new products, programs and campaigns (and coupons.)

Thank you for these past five years. I’ve only just begun, and you’re in for some surprises.

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