Big Things Happening in Charleston

About six years ago, a group of charming women from Charleston, South Carolina, decided that too many children in their tri-county school system did not have the basic school supplies needed to learn in their classrooms.  They found this situation to be intolerable and decided to do something about it.  And do something they did!

Flash forward to November 2013 when I had the pleasure of meeting these lovely and dedicated women when they invited me to speak to them at a breakfast meeting.  As the founders of Charleston’s “Teachers’ Supply Closet”, they now provide free school supplies to 34 schools!  But is that enough?  They’ve decided to increase their reach to provide even more free school supplies to 1,200 teachers and 24,000 students.  Supplies such as pencils, pens, paper, art markers, notebooks, rulers – you name it – if it’s needed in a classroom, they strive tirelessly to provide it.  Working in partnership with businesses and individuals, these determined women have streamlined the process to ensure that 95 cents of every dollar donated to the Teachers’ Supply Closet goes directly to supporting teachers and students according to a 2013 independent audit.

Teachers Supply Closet depends on organizations like the Kids In Need Foundation and Dixon Ticonderoga Company to keep supplies handy to educate America’s next generation.  Since 2009, Dixon has donated more than $4.9 million to KINF.  We will continue to do so, and I strongly encourage you to join us.

Let’s do the math.  One idea + one group of dedicated community volunteers = free school supplies for 24,000 students.  Help them out!  We do.  And we’ll continue to do so via one of America’s greatest non-profit organizations, the Kids In Need Foundation.



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