Thoughts on Thanksgiving

As a Dad, I’m always looking for fun and easy activities to do with my family.  We try to limit the amount of time my daughter gets to spend on technology in my house, and increase the amount of time she spends on creative tasks. Another Dixon Dad, Bruce Miller, showed me this easy and colorful craft perfect for the Thanksgiving holiday, and I asked him to make this video.  You can see how quick and easy it is, using our precise and vibrant Prang Art Markers and Prang glue, of course.

Bruce turns a plain ole’ coffee filter into a beautiful Thanksgiving card, poster, placemat – or in my family, refrigerator art.  Another suggestion is to stick it into the middle of a fall flower arrangement for the table centerpiece.  My daughter is making them to mark the place settings at our Thanksgiving table.  I’m guessing she places herself smack dab in the middle between her doting grandparents.

Simple, affordable, easy and remarkable – Dixon, Prang and Lyra products all provide young artists with the tools they need to create.

If you are looking for something for the kids to keep the kids busy while you cook, this craft will give you one more thing to be thankful for.  Why not take a few minutes and join them?  Making crafts is about making memories as well.



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