Monthly Archives: December 2013

Happy Holidays

Are you in the holiday spirit?  I am.  It’s hard not to be, surrounded as I am with Dixon and Prang elves working hard to fill our holiday orders.  The Dixon USA offices are brimming with holiday cheer.  Colors surround us daily, though red and green seem to dominate our offices this time of year!

The holidays, as you know, are all about giving.  Dixon employees are some of the most generous and giving people I know.  There is pure joy on their faces when they see the Kids In Need Foundation truck back up to deliver free school supplies from our company.  Pallets of pencils, chalk, paint and art markers are sometimes delivered by multiple tractor trailers.  The Kids in Need Foundation organizes this task, and we are so grateful to them.

I urge you to join us in giving to area classrooms.  Feel the joy we feel throughout the year in our profound dedication to youth and education.  It will feel great – I promise!

Exercising Synergy

Energy and Synergy are two of my favorite words, but maybe Synergy is my most favorite.  Energy can be supplied by an individual, but it takes more than one person or company to create true synergy.

I hosted a gathering of energetic community and business leaders from our region recently to discuss new and better ways to give back to the community.  With their input and creativity, Dixon’s commitment to community and education programs was inspired to a whole new level.  I’ve been pondering the synergy, energy and success of that meeting and have come away with the conclusion that we are definitely on the right track.

For example, Dixon’s new school backpack program received resounding endorsements around the table.  It’s a new concept, but one that is catching on fast.  Instead of appealing to stores and individuals to invest countless hours to donate supplies, Dixon assembles appropriate backpack supplies for corporate sponsorship.  We even include the backpacks!  These sturdy backpacks are pre-assembled with the most popular and teacher-tested supplies on the market (Dixon, Prang and Lyra, of course).  Corporations can have the personalized corporate-branded backpacks delivered directly to the intended schools.  We’re also happy to set up a presentation event complete with photographer to showcase the corporation’s commitment to education excellence.

Later on,   we cheered on the Orlando Magic and relaxed after a hard day’s work. Check out the pictures from our fun and productive event below.




Personalizing Pencils For Any Occassion

How would you like to get a pencil this holiday season that was customized just for you? What would you want yours to say? Mine would definitely say “Stay Sharp like a Ticonderoga #2 Pencil”.   Dixon Ticonderoga Company is the world’s largest manufacturer of customized pencils, pens, markers, industrial, and arts and crafts products.

Large and small companies alike utilize our customizable pencils and other writing instruments because they know that perception is everything and our high quality products speak volumes about their brand. However, it’s not just companies like restaurants, hotels, and banks that can benefit from personalized pencils; many parents and teachers find that personalized pencils and crayons make great gifts.

I read with amusement an online message board that appealed to others to help with a personalized pencil imprinting.  A Mom was looking for advice on what saying to put on the side of some pencils she was gifting to her son’s teacher.  Obvious suggestions were the teacher’s name, the name of the school… you get the idea.  But there were some better ideas.

“Look sharp!”  “Don’t write outside the line!” “Ouch! Don’t chew on me!” were eye-catching.  But probably the most fun imprinting on a classroom pencil read “Stolen from my teacher!”  I’m guessing he or she got her pencils returned!

Personalized pencils are great gifts and stocking stuffers.  For more information regarding our Promotional Products, please visit