Giving Back to Those in Need for the New School Year

Do you know how many children in your city live in poverty?  Here in the USA, there are more than 16.4 million children living below the poverty line.  That’s one out of five American children.  But in the Parramore area of Orlando, nearly three out of four children live in poverty.  Both numbers are unacceptable.

When I think of these children, I think of how important it is not just to be a leader in our industry but also a leader in our community.

For the second year in a row, I’ve had the opportunity to partner with different Orlando-based organizations to give backpacks filled with school supplies to disadvantaged children.  This year, Dixon Ticonderoga Company partnered with the Orlando Magic NBA Basketball team, AMWAY and Orlando City Soccer to donate over 1,100 backpacks to those children in the Parramore area of Orlando. In addition to receiving backpacks filled with Ticonderoga writing and Prang art supplies, they also were able to participate in activities such as an arts and crafts table and they received popcorn and drinks courtesy of Dixon.

Working with these outstanding organizations and the Kids In Need Foundation, it is my goal that every disadvantaged child has the supplies that they need to be successful for their upcoming school year. If you would like to learn more about how to show your dedication to your community by giving backpacks to needy children, please email It’s never too late.


Orlando Magic Backpack Event 2014 223

3 thoughts on “Giving Back to Those in Need for the New School Year

  1. Tena Wolfe

    Yesterday we contacted our Supplier of Tempera Paint because we were short one bottle of brown that was drop shipped from you. We were then told to dispose what we did receive because of bacteria. We are currently waiting on other colors and have received other colors with the past month. NOW our concern is why only the brown? Should we hold the other colors as well and not fill orders to the classrooms? Serious questions of safety.

      1. Rachel Fox

        I have gotten a response from our Quality Control Analyst: “The issue with the Brown Tempera Paint was that the incorrect formula was used during production. There was never an issue of bacteria being in the paint. The Brown Tempera Paint was the only color that had the formulation issue, there are no other known issues with the all other colors.” If you need a formal letter, please let me know ASAP by emailing me at


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