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Paying Tribute to a World Class Professor and Mentor


My past experiences and opportunities have helped motivate me to ensure that I am successful today. As CEO of Dixon Ticonderoga Company, I recognize that I am now in a position that I am able to give back to those who have helped me along the way. One person in particular that made a huge impact through my scholastic journey was Dr. Barry DuVall, Professor and Director of the Technology Advancement Center at East Carolina University (ECU).

Dr. DuVall has served as my own personal mentor and had pushed me to be the best student I could be. For the last 35 years, he has spent his life teaching as well as serving as the Director for numerous, prestigious technology based projects, and authoring several textbooks and more than 60 articles. He was the recipient of East Carolina University’s Max E. Joyner Faculty Award for Faculty Service to Continuing Education, 2000, and was recognized by the National Association of Industrial Technology as an Outstanding Professor of the Southeast, 1999.

My special give back to Dr. DuVall, to distinguish and appreciate all his hard efforts, was crowning his achievements with a Lifetime Achievement Award. I have been one of DuVall’s most loyal students throughout the year, and the opportunity presented itself to recognize him for all he’s done, not only for me, but many other students as well. On September 28th, myself and Dr. David White of ECU, presented Dr. DuVall with this prestigious award.

In addition to celebrating Dr. DuVall, we also were able to kick off the 1st Inaugural Dr. DuVall/Tim Gomez Teacher’s Choice Scholarship Award to two honorable students in the College of Engineering and Technology at the University. This Teacher’s Choice Award is extra special to me because at one point in time, Dr. DuVall had chosen me to strongly influence and coach, and now we can do this forever in his honor.

I am pleased to continue to have ties to my alma mater, and to one of the most influential people in my life. I can’t thank Dr. DuVall for everything he has given and shown to me, and know he has impacted other students in the same manor throughout his dedicated administrative role.


Here is a great article written about that day:

Dr. Barry DuVall: “This was a surprise, I mean that’s for sure”

Reporter: “A scholarship award day turned into something special for retiring East Carolina University Technology Systems Professor, Dr. Barry DuVall.”

Tim Gomez: “I love this man. He’s retiring after 50 years. I love it because I’ve caught him off guard today. He had no idea I was planning on this. As humble as he is, he deserves to retire in this way.”

R: “Dr. DuVall was not only honored with a Lifetime Achievement Award, but also two scholarships were given out in his name.”

DBD: “I just would never, ever anticipate anything like that, that’s wonderful.”

TG: “He’s the most driven, dedicated person I’ve ever met in my life. He represents the fighting spirit of our great University. He always goes for the underdog.”

R: “Timothy Gomez is speaking from experience.”

TG: “I worked 60 hours a week while going to school, so my undergrad grades weren’t the best in the world, but my master degree grades were straight A’s, but that’s when he changed my life. He helped me get into a grant program that allowed me to excel and really focus on my education.”

R: “Gomez is now the CEO for Dixon Ticonderoga, which is one of the oldest companies in the United States, and an industry leader in writing instruments, arts & crafts, and fine art products.”

TG: “I don’t know what made him take a liking to me. Liking to me was him staying on me, riding me to do good. He just did this for every student, he made us be everything we could be, and he wouldn’t settle for anything less.”

DBD: “You just never know what to expect when you work with others, ya know, and I could tell some of those people, they have a spark in the eye and energy and enthusiasm, he was like that. And that always makes it worthwhile, that’s why I’ve done it so long.”

R: “and DuVall’s legacy is going to continue through this scholarship, that will help student’s in need, just like Gomez was.”

TG: “The two scholarships today is just a start, we’re actually going to be doing some more scholarships, so every year the Dr. Barry DuVall Teacher’s Choice Scholarship Award at East Carolina is here to stay for a very, very long time.”

DBD: “Oh, it’s wonderful, yeah, really appreciate it.”