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Happy Teacher Appreciation Week

Do you have a teacher that impacted your life that truly changed the way that you see the world?

This week was Teacher Appreciation Week, and as I write this post, I have to pause and reflect on all the fantastic teachers that helped me get to where I am today. One remarkable teacher was Mrs. Flood, my high school English Teacher in Elizabeth City, NC.

I recently learned she passed away. When I heard the news I simply had to do something, this incredible teacher has impacted my life greatly, and because of that I felt the need to donate 100,000 Ticonderoga pencils to my high school in her honor. This week, I had the honor of speaking to the entire high school, to make sure that they understand just how much I appreciate Mrs. Flood for all the things that she did for me.

Teachers, on behalf of your students both past and present, thank you. You are appreciated – each and every day.

North Carolina_Events 053

Me at Northeastern High School


North Carolina_Events 052

Me at Northeastern High School with Mrs. Flood’s Family Members, School Board Representatives, and Ron Payne, Principal of Northeastern High School 


Do you Have the Power?

In the past two years, Dixon Ticonderoga Company has given over $30,000 worth of school supplies to teachers through our Prang Power program. If you’re reading this and you’re stumped about what Prang Power is, click here to see my blog post on Prang Power.

Have you signed up for Prang Power yet? If you haven’t, you’re missing out! Currently, almost 100,000 teachers, administrators, and parents are signed up for Prang Power and helping their school earn free school supplies.

Because we want to help even more teachers and schools in need, we’re going to be giving away Prang Power Points. Any current Prang Power Member that signs up their friends, parents, teachers, or administrators as a supporter on Prang Power will earn 5 Prang Power points per new member, up to 50 members. That’s 250 points!

To claim your points, send an email to with the names and emails of all the new Prang Power members that you would like to sign up!

Introducing the NEW Ticonderoga Electric Pencil Sharpener

An unsharpened pencil has no point. I like this phrase because of its double meaning. Yes, an unsharpened pencil literally has no point, but an unsharpened pencil also is almost worthless, its potential hidden away until someone takes the time to sharpen it.

As the CEO of the ‘World’s Best Pencil’ company, I often get asked about pencils and pencil sharpeners. After all, what makes our pencils the best? I have many answers to that question: the premium wood that comes from reforested areas so you can know you are doing something good for the environment and something good for your writing abilities, the eraser is of a higher quality and does its job better, but the most important thing to most people is the core, which has a special formula to make it less prone to breaking.

Sometimes people do have complaints, but most of the time, the problem lies with the sharpener they’re using. If your pencils are coming out off-balance or broken, it may be time to consider a new sharpener.

I am pleased to announce that Dixon Ticonderoga Company is introducing its first electric pencil sharpener. This pencil sharpener is made with the same Ticonderoga quality that we put into all of our products. It has a powerful motor, and you can be sure that your pencil will be sharpened perfectly.

Click here to read more about our new Ticonderoga pencil sharpener. Check out our new Ticonderoga Pencil Sharpener in our favorite green and yellow below. However, we also have it in black and silver for those of you who prefer a classic look.


Dixon Ticonderoga Company Named NASSTRAC Shipper of the Year

Dixon Ticonderoga Company had the honor of being named Shipper of the Year for 2014 by the National Shippers Strategic Transportation (NASSTRAC). This is a great honor to all of us at Dixon Ticonderoga Company, and especially to me, with a background in logistics.

I want to begin by recognizing all of our employees at our Macon, GA warehouse for all the hard work that they put in. The work that goes into receiving the title of Shipper of the Year is truly a team effort. I also should distinguish our core carriers whom we have a close relationship with and are a large reason for our success.

With their help, we were able to save almost over $2.0 million in 2013. The largest impact of this is that we can increase our Community Service support while also passing on consumer savings to our loyal customers. Since 2009, we have also donated almost $5 million to the Kids In Need Foundation in pencils alone and we have been a proud supporter of Kids in Need for over 15 years.

Thank you to everyone who has made this great honor possible for us, and who has in turn helped us to give back.

Introducing the NEW Ticonderoga Shaped Eraser

Hello! My name’s Nancy and I’m with the marketing department at Dixon Ticonderoga Company. Tim asked me to write a guest post for the blog, and I decided to write it on my new favorite product, Ticonderoga shaped erasers, in honor of Rubber Eraser Day on April 15th.

Did you know that tax day is also Rubber Eraser Day? Since you can’t “erase” doing your taxes, we have come out with a new Ticonderoga Pencil Shaped eraser. These are the perfect erasers for everything from tax season to back-to-school season.

They look just like our Ticonderoga pencils, right down to the green and yellow ferrules. Best of all, they’re the same great quality that you have come to expect from the Ticonderoga name.

Our Ticonderoga Erasers are the World’s Best Erasers. They do all the things that an eraser should do, the only difference is we do it better than any other eraser. They erase mistakes completely without tearing through the paper to leave a clear, smudge free writing surface.

Click here to learn more about our Ticonderoga Shaped Erasers now. After all, everyone makes mistakes!

38953 Ticonderoga Pencil Shaped Eraser

The Importance of Teachers

Education is the key to success in life, and teachers make a lasting impact in the lives of their students.

-Solomon Ortiz


Our teachers are our nation’s greatest resource. We entrust them not only with our children’s livelihoods but also our children’s futures. America’s future success depends on our children’s ability to connect with their teachers and truly learn something new and useful each and every day.

One of my goals is always to make teachers’ lives as easy as possible. Whether it is with my own child’s teachers or those of others’, I believe that it is important to support and encourage teachers. If we do not give our teachers the assistance they require, how can we expect those teachers to be able to support our children the way our children require?

One of the ways that we help teachers at Dixon is through free teacher lesson plans. Teachers can visit our website and download lessons to go along with nearly any curriculum, whether you students are studying math or reading. All of our lesson plans are accredited and adhere to state standards.

When we support our nation’s teachers, we also support our nation’s youth. It is imperative that we focus on doing all we can for teachers that they may be better prepared to do all they can for our children.

If you’re interested in checking out our free teacher lesson plans, please click here.

Handwriting Statistics

Twenty years from now, I see my daughter, Gabriella, being happy and successful in her life’s pursuits; I consider it my duty to prepare her as much as possible for whatever future she may choose. As I watched her practicing writing recently, I decided to research the importance of handwriting. Many schools are considering removing this practice from their curriculums; however, I came across some staggering statistics that made me disagree with this. Feel free to view a few of them below, and then decide if you think handwriting should be taught in schools.

Click here to print off some free handwriting worksheets now.


handwriting statistics 2

Happy Holidays

Are you in the holiday spirit?  I am.  It’s hard not to be, surrounded as I am with Dixon and Prang elves working hard to fill our holiday orders.  The Dixon USA offices are brimming with holiday cheer.  Colors surround us daily, though red and green seem to dominate our offices this time of year!

The holidays, as you know, are all about giving.  Dixon employees are some of the most generous and giving people I know.  There is pure joy on their faces when they see the Kids In Need Foundation truck back up to deliver free school supplies from our company.  Pallets of pencils, chalk, paint and art markers are sometimes delivered by multiple tractor trailers.  The Kids in Need Foundation organizes this task, and we are so grateful to them.

I urge you to join us in giving to area classrooms.  Feel the joy we feel throughout the year in our profound dedication to youth and education.  It will feel great – I promise!

Exercising Synergy

Energy and Synergy are two of my favorite words, but maybe Synergy is my most favorite.  Energy can be supplied by an individual, but it takes more than one person or company to create true synergy.

I hosted a gathering of energetic community and business leaders from our region recently to discuss new and better ways to give back to the community.  With their input and creativity, Dixon’s commitment to community and education programs was inspired to a whole new level.  I’ve been pondering the synergy, energy and success of that meeting and have come away with the conclusion that we are definitely on the right track.

For example, Dixon’s new school backpack program received resounding endorsements around the table.  It’s a new concept, but one that is catching on fast.  Instead of appealing to stores and individuals to invest countless hours to donate supplies, Dixon assembles appropriate backpack supplies for corporate sponsorship.  We even include the backpacks!  These sturdy backpacks are pre-assembled with the most popular and teacher-tested supplies on the market (Dixon, Prang and Lyra, of course).  Corporations can have the personalized corporate-branded backpacks delivered directly to the intended schools.  We’re also happy to set up a presentation event complete with photographer to showcase the corporation’s commitment to education excellence.

Later on,   we cheered on the Orlando Magic and relaxed after a hard day’s work. Check out the pictures from our fun and productive event below.




Personalizing Pencils For Any Occassion

How would you like to get a pencil this holiday season that was customized just for you? What would you want yours to say? Mine would definitely say “Stay Sharp like a Ticonderoga #2 Pencil”.   Dixon Ticonderoga Company is the world’s largest manufacturer of customized pencils, pens, markers, industrial, and arts and crafts products.

Large and small companies alike utilize our customizable pencils and other writing instruments because they know that perception is everything and our high quality products speak volumes about their brand. However, it’s not just companies like restaurants, hotels, and banks that can benefit from personalized pencils; many parents and teachers find that personalized pencils and crayons make great gifts.

I read with amusement an online message board that appealed to others to help with a personalized pencil imprinting.  A Mom was looking for advice on what saying to put on the side of some pencils she was gifting to her son’s teacher.  Obvious suggestions were the teacher’s name, the name of the school… you get the idea.  But there were some better ideas.

“Look sharp!”  “Don’t write outside the line!” “Ouch! Don’t chew on me!” were eye-catching.  But probably the most fun imprinting on a classroom pencil read “Stolen from my teacher!”  I’m guessing he or she got her pencils returned!

Personalized pencils are great gifts and stocking stuffers.  For more information regarding our Promotional Products, please visit