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A Girl On a Mission

Today I have a very special story to tell.

I received a request for time off from one of my Dixon staff employees, however I was unsure of whether I could approve during a period of substantial growth for the company. So I decided to inquire on the reason for such a lengthy vacation?… or so I thought.

Yeah, vacation was the wrong choice of words. A “Divine Mission” is more of what she was headed towards.  Webster’s dictionary defines a divine mission as a type of spiritual mission. It usually requires traveling, but its main focus is to carry out what is believed to be matters set forth by God.

Some of us are designed and put on this earth to be CEO’s, some are called to be athletes, some have callings to be teachers (a special recognition to ALL educators), and others are specifically designed to reach and help people. I’m so proud of Dixon’s Marketing Coordinator, Juldy Hernandez.  She used her vacation time in order to help lives and inspire others.

From the day she was hired, she took off running on her mission within our company. I don’t think I even gave her permission, as she just kind of does it. I am giggling as I write this, because when she reads it, she will agree it is true! LOL. Not only did I find it rare to come into contact with an individual with an incredible passion to learn, but I was also surprised in the purity of her heart. I found it quite special to see what she was doing in our company. I believe she was put on our path to help individuals we come in contact with on an everyday basis. This was in the office, in the classroom, in the community, and believe it or not all the way in Haiti!

Juldy took charge of our Corporate Backpack Donation Program that has so far allowed us to distribute over 20,000 backpacks to children in less fortunate communities. She helped implement this very important community program with extraordinary personal sacrifice. She knew what a difference it could make touching students’ lives in areas that are less fortunate, and she worked unselfishly with many corporations throughout the country to bring this very special program to educators in a real heartfelt, passionate, and sincere way. Juldy also goes out into our local community schools to teach our educators on Ticonderoga Writing and Prang Art supplies. She also handles much of the marketing responsibilities in our Corporate Headquarters in Lake Mary, FL. I knew with her willingness to learn, she would take the necessary steps to do her best at whatever was thrown her way.

What I didn’t know, was what she had strategically planned for her 2015 personal growth project.  In May of this year, Juldy traveled to serve and strengthen the people of Haiti. She supported gospel-based economic & community development programs declaring the good news of Jesus Christ in word and deed. She was also involved with building a missionary home, installing solar energy panels, teaching sustainable economic development, built clean water irrigation systems, and help start up a local farm.  All in all, a very labor intensive week!  While there, she even found time one day to work in a Pediatrics clinic.  I don’t know about you, but I’m inspired and exhausted at the same time! LOL

Juldy had “NO IDEA” she inspired me. Today, I wanted to surprise her by writing a CEO Blog about her experience in Haiti, as a tribute to her dedication to the global community.  I wanted to share Juldy’ s journey with all my educators, customers, and followers. She ventured out from the comforts of her home, children, and job to extend a helping hand to a country in need.

As CEO of a 220 year old corporation like Dixon Ticonderoga Company, I can sincerely say I am blessed to have employees making a difference in the company, community, and in their personal lives. For this I am one proud pencil pusher.

Thank you all for being part of my Dixon Team! #pencilpushers #onamission