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Where Do You Find Inspiration?

Sometimes the smallest things in life can inspire you to greatness. I recently had the pleasure of corresponding with a man named John Siela. John had a dream to write a novel, but as he grew older and life wore on he gave up on this dream and filed it away as an impossibility. But one day, John was sitting at his desk and he noticed a Dixon Ticonderoga pencil and a solitary pad of paper. These two tools sparked a fire within and gave him the courage to start the novel he always wanted to write. For me, this too is a bucket list item that I want to accomplish in my life, which is why John has inspired me so much. He dared to go for it and I congratulate him for this accomplishment.

I would like to share a note from the author that he recently sent me:

“First I needed a name for the main character and a setting for the story.  I turned my pencil over in my hand and looked at the engraving that I had seen a hundred times before, “Dixon Ticonderoga”. . . and so was born the main character, Dixon.  The name, Ticonderoga, made me think of a deep, dark forest in Canada.  The name and setting were perfect for my novel. . . Maps to Death, The Ticonderoga Experience.

Thank you, Dixon Ticonderoga Company, for inspiring me.  I have used your product throughout my life . . . as a child at school; as a young man writing love letters to my wife while serving in the military; as an adult in the workforce; and now, as a retiree, writing my first novel.  The longevity of the Dixon Ticonderoga Pencil proves their product is a quality pencil, produced by a quality company.”

I hope you can find some inspiration today. If you are having trouble, maybe pick up a Ticonderoga Pencil and let yourself dream.

 If you want to know more about John Siela or read his book,  Maps to Death, The Ticonderoga Experience, click here.